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E-waste impact on society

30 March 2018 6.30pm 20 comments

E-waste impact on society

The Environment has an equal and similar effect upon the persons living in this society, as the person is making impact upon the society. The people of this society must make pledges to them that they will protect the nature as far as possible; the dumping of garbage is affecting the society like nothing. As if the society is making progression in a regressive manner. The modern management that can help out the city dwellers and the administration is from the E-Waste.

How one can use it in daily life

The garbage in front of our locality might spreads bad smell, ill-health and a sight that is not acceptable by educated and beauty loving common people. The common people dumps there garbage at one place. The garbage remains open for several, days. The administration with their acceleration now-a day’s sweep it off at regular interval. The garbage puts in into the place for recycling it or damaging it thoroughly. The locality remains clean and the people remain healthy. With E-waste we are able to address this problem.

The bad smell is not making us unhealthy and mad. The garbage will convert itself into a meaningful material. We are able to use the material in good work. Suppose the cow dung is lying here and there. The cow dung with the e-waste management and other better scientific usage become useful material for farming. The insects with e-waste management can be fed to the animals with other edible stuff to get more milk out of them.

The process of making a management incorporate into life

We can recycle or use any waste into our life with its revamp model. The tree is losing its branches, its fruition, and its roots because the weather is changing its form. The global warming is violating the rule of the nature. The trees that are not very large and space taking will replace the problem of fresh air. The waste material will play a vital role here. You don’t have to throw the kitchen garbage at outside.

With the e-waste management put the waste material into a pot, plant a tree, and water it intelligently, the sight, the fresh oxygen the blooming flower will invariably enrich your daily activity and replace the daily boredom.

The garbage that is spreading stink will invariably become a useful material and you will love the fact and will use it in daily life. The recycle materials look good, they are useful in daily work and can be put way after using it. The plastic is too injurious to marine life. We can use the e-waste produced material and can leave it after using it for long time.

E-waste is teaching us the value of materials that we used to dump and leave carelessly. The useful usage will teach us to live within little demand and be happy with small things. We are not able to create another Earth, within our limited capacity we must make the earth liveable and beautiful.