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Swachh bharat - The E-waste way

25 March 2018 6.30pm 20 comments

Swachh bharat - The E-waste way

The clean city is your identity. We make proud of ourselves to the foreigners with our rich heritage and several architectural monuments that are withstanding the time with glory. The love for this land will certainly push us to maintain its cleanliness and you will love the fact that it is our duty to offer the best in terms of tradition. The clean country is the special treating matter to every single citizen.

The citizen must have to glorify it by maintain the goodness of the land. The wastage or dumping at the roadside, at the traditional places and at the places of renowned site where thousands of number is gathering is really damaging the spirit.

Swachh Bharat means to us, Indians

We love the fact that India is up surging in the map of the world for its calibre in many areas. The important areas are thoroughly enjoying the special treatment whereas the cleanliness of the city is lagging behind.

India has launched Missiles, which is very uncommon and special because the World has seen it for the first time. The entertainment industry is making its mark at the world platform. The players are becoming more favourite to the world population. In this situation we must take care of the image of India.

The areas where the cleanliness is important

  • We are trying to make the roads as safe and clean as possible. The road is not for defecation. The cleanliness in our open roads is very important. With E-waste we can manage the wastage from the particular area of defecation. It will certainly make the roads clean.
  • The Oldest and purest river the Ganges, are important in the lives of Indians. The Ganges has to flow to maintain the inhabitants’ life around it and the cleanliness of this river has to be done by the intelligent and responsible citizen of India. With E-waste we might be able to clean the mess around the Ganges.
  • The sea beaches are very important when the health of the environment matters .It is very important to maintain the health of the beaches to save the marine life and to make the environment beautiful for the next generation. Suppose you are walking along the Marine drive beach at Mumbai, you get stumbled by the sight that can make you awful .The cleanliness of the beaches will keep the beauty of the beach and the life around it. The earning around the beach is also useful if the beach remains gorgeous and attracted. Many people will come over there and the selling of food items or other matters can be sold. It is our earnest duty to maintain the beauty of the beach.
  • The world and invariably the country is our home .We has to manage its purity and hygiene. The management which is helping us out to become more cautious is the E-waste management.