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Save environment with E-Waste Management

29 March 2018 6.30pm 20 comments

Save environment with E-Waste Management

The earth is our home. We do not like the idea of massacring the home for nothing. The home is where the heart is. One becomes heavy in her heart if the entire day work does not go according to his plan. The health of the physic depends majorly with the health of the mind. We have to replace all wastage with happiness wit more work and fun filled it like never before. Environment is the same as our own home. Environment is larger home for the larger family.

One is living in a nuclear place. One is trying to connect with the larger space. The environment is important when you are living in this earth. Dumping of waste material can reduce the health of your home so as it will reduce the health of the lager family name, called the environment.

E-waste management acts like a sweeper

The crow is the natural sweeper of the society. It sweeps of the waste from the garbage place, but it being the animal is not sufficient to work as sweeper. The man on the other hand, is trying to manage the waste as per the capacity of the administration. The city administration is working relentlessly with utmost sincerity to give help to the citizen. With E-waste the garbage cleaning become more compact and it will help the citizen to live healthy and cleanly.

The garbage has to be dumped on a proper place, and then the municipality employees will collect it and dump again to a certain place. The wastage can recycle it and can be reproduced into valuable and useful material. The entire process and procedure is working as management pattern.

Nature is losing its share of production

The nature is shrinking .The land is becoming valuable more. The living standard is uplifting its standard. Here the natural product is losing its share. The vast forests have been cut down and the mills, factories, modern architectures are built in .The wastage can be reproducing with intelligence. The trees are going less in number. The greenery must be saved from decreasing. In this manner the wastage is adding huge by the human being. They are producing waste at home. They are producing things at the factory; the factory is producing the product along with the dangerous emitting gas, waste materials and many more.

The people are throwing garbage here and there. All these have been taken care of e-waste management .We cannot build another nature around us. We do able to create the recycling of the nature and use it with more maturity.

With E-waste we are able to recycle and reproduce the wastage into something good. Our ancestors have taught us in this way and make proper use of time, things in intelligent manner.